Trichological Hair Loss Solutions


Kimberly Lipscomb

Certified Trichologist, Licensed Cosmetologist, Hair Replacement Specialist, Certified Herbalist & Holistic Healer

Hair Loss comes in many forms with "Alopecia" being the most commonly known.  Alopecia Areata, the affected hair follicles are mistakenly attacked by a person’s own immune system (white blood cells), resulting in the arrest of the hair growth stage. Alopecia Areata usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth bald patches on the scalp and can progress to total scalp hair loss (Alopecia Totalis) or complete body hair loss (Alopecia Universalis).

Alopecia Areata occurs in males and females of all ages and races; however, onset most often begins in childhood and can be psychologically devastating. Although not life-threatening, alopecia areata is most certainly life-altering, and its sudden onset, recurrent episodes, and unpredictable course have a profound psychological impact on the lives of those disrupted by this disease.

Here at Beautiful Reflektions Salon & Hair Loss Center we work with all types of Hair Loss some of the solutions are as follows:

Non-Surgical Hair Systems Provide the Following Advantages:

  • Provides a natural looking head of hair instantly

  • We back our hair units with impeccable service

  • No daily maintenance

  • Can create short, close to the scalp hairstyles that are nothing like old style toupees

  • Ultimate selection for all ethnicities

  • Monthly programs make it affordable

Our non-surgical hair replacement procedure is a safe and effective way for men and women to feel confident in the way their hair looks and feels. We guarantee it…!


At Beautiful Reflektions Salon & Hair Loss Center we use the latest technology and we approach each client with a customized hair care program or Therapy. Our speciality is to insure you of lasting results of a healthier head of hair and scalp.

Our products:

  • Customized Hair Care Program

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy

  • Cleansing and Disinfection Therapeutic Solutions

  • Hair Care Management

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Phone Consultation

30min @ $75

One on One Phone Consultation & Hair Review with Trichologist Kimberly Lipscomb.  Beautiful Reflektions Salon & Hair Loss Center is versed in over 10yrs of clinical studies. Our goal is providing a holistic wellness environment through the rejuvenation of hair & scalp with an exclusive focus on eliminating excess inflammation without the use of dangerous chemicals or an overage of prescription drugs.

Client Assessment Review

40min @ $99

Scalp analysis and tracking. 

Recommendation of treatment protocol.

Laser Therapy Appointment (LLLT)

30min @ $75

Laser treatments provide a natural and essential boost of pure red light at precisely the right frequency to restore and revitalize hair.